The Windy City Miata Club (WCMC) is a not-for-profit organization designed to promote the enjoyment of good will and fellowship derived from owning a Mazda Miata. Though most of our membership is located in the Chicagoland area, we have members in Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, and other states. As of the end of 2015, we have 310 great members, with 211 Miatas.

You're invited to join us at our next meeting or activity! Regular club meetings are held the fourth Tuesday of each month at Fuddruckers in Downers Grove (Click here).

New and prospective members are always welcome at our events. Some events may require an RSVP to the organizer. If you want more information about an upcoming event, please email the event organizer at the address shown on the event page or you may contact us here.

A Word from our President - October 2016


The recent Autocross “end of the season” party hosted by Sandra and Uve Jerzy (thanks for your hospitality!) marked the end of another successful autocross season.

This year WCMC was able to offer 15 events at three different venues – Boomer’s Stadium (our primary venue), Lake County Community College, and Tire Rack. The season had a “slow” start on a cold and rainy spring day, but ended with an event in August which brought out 97 cars, twenty-two more than the maximum registration the Club can handle. It is impressive to see the level of organization and sophistication needed to run a successful event for that number of participants. The computerized timing system alone is incredible. WCMC’s autocross has come a long way from the days of a handful of drivers and a stopwatch.

Though the season is over, the work doesn’t end. This month autocross coordinators Pat Marcus, Tim Martin, and Frank Rogers will be leading a wrap-up meeting to review the 2016 season and to  begin planning for 2017. Every year there are tweaks to improve the program. A new computer program should make registration simpler and more efficient next year. The last celebration of the 2016 season will be marked at our annual WCMC Banquet in January, 2017. At the Banquet the winning drivers in each class are recognized, applauded, and given their awards.

However, by time of the Banquet, Pat Marcus is already scheduling venues for the 2017 season. So, a great season ends and another season begins. Watch for more information about the 2017 season in the coming months.

John Schumacher,


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