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Who we are:

The Windy City Miata Club is a multifaceted group from all walks of life: single, married, young and young at heart - unified in our affection for a car that captures the essence of motoring freedom: nimble, lively wonderful handling, in a word - FUN - and belonging to the club gives us so many opportunities to share varied and memorable experiences.

The Miata Garage:

Our monthly newsletter is full of informative articles reviewing recent events and providing details of all the fun to come, plus important technical information about the care of your Miata. It's our link to the membership.

Regular Monthly Meetings:

Monthly meetings are held on the fourth Tuesday of each month, at Fuddrucker’s in Downers Grove at 7:30 PM. Meetings are an important time to network with members, to discuss tire choices, where to get good service, and which accessories really enhance the Miata. Guest speakers from tire, oil, and accessory companies provide informative advice, while club members conduct seminars on competitive driving techniques.

Social Events:

We are a truly diverse group: some are real car nuts with several cars who use the Miata only for events, while others commute daily throughout the year in their Miata, and our interests are just as diverse. Some have really busy schedules and others work most weekends. So whenever possible, we arrange purely social events, such as our awards banquet in January or our picnic on the lawn at Ravinia. We also have a monthly Saturday breakfast, usually followed by a group drive.

Tours and Rallies:

Chicagoland may be a checkerboard of straight roads, but within easy reach are wonderful Miata-friendly roads that sweep and curve. Nothing compares to driving the hills and valley of Western Illinois and Wisconsin in a colorful group of Miatas. But these driving events are social as well.

We particpate in fun and whimsical "gmmick" rallies within our club and in concert with other car clubs. If you're interested in the more rigourous time-distance rallies, you'll be able to find members that share your interest.


To experience some of the true qualities of the Miata, it needs to be driven fast - faster than is prudent on public roads.  People who compare the straight-line performance of the Miata unfavorably with the ostensibly muscle cars are missing the quintessential spirit of the Miata. This car handles like a thoroughbred and has brakes the classic British sports car driver would have fought for.  Competitive driving allows these qualities to be appreciated. Autocross events allow the beginner and average driver to safely enjoy the thrills of competitive driving and develop their driving skills within their own limits.  The club promotes an autocross championship comprising a series of eight events (run in parking lots with pylons to mark the course to minimize risk to car and property while maximizing fun).  These Solo II autocrosses really challenge the driver's skill, with only one car on the track at a time.  Skill and consistency reward the experienced driver; the novice can enjoy seeing their lap times improve as they gain skill and experience.

We look forward to meeting you:

Whatever your background, age or interests, there is sure to be something to be gained by joining Windy City.

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