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I got the Hard Dog Ace bar with no diagonals and no harness bar. Just the basic loop. I got it 3 years ago from Moss Motors for $359.95. They still sell it for the same price today. #907-100. Arrived in about a week and took about a day to install. Nothing real difficult. A couple of cuts to the rear tray behind the seats and a few holes for it to bolt into. Good instructions, but having someone that has already done one is helpful. A lift is nice but not mandatory.

I chose this particular bar for two reasons. I tour with the club and carry a electric cooler for drinks, food and medicine that needs to be kept refrigerated. This cooler will not fit with the diagonal bars. The Ace bar is behind the seatbelt tower so it does not interfere with the seatbelts. A HardCore bar goes infront of the seatbelts and makes the belt go around the bar. This makes it harder to recoil the belt back out of the way.

Some downsides of the Ace is that without the diagonals you might not get onto some tracks or high speed autocross. Also because it sits farther back it is not as tall and you might fail the "broomstick test" on some track days.

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I'm looking to possibly pick up a roll bar for my NB. I was wondering what you all were running, and what your opinions were on them, as far as installation/fitment, issues, etc.

I'm specifically looking for info on the Hard Dog Hard Core (hardtop or no), Boss Frog Clearview/Maxx, and the Boss Frog Double Hoop/Maxx.

If any of you are out at the AutoX on Sunday, I'd like to check them out and see them in person.

Thanks in advance!

'99 10AE

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