1999 Miata needs to be resuscitated - and I need help.

4 months 1 week ago #979 by MX5classic
I just read your post. We have a 1992 Miata that was fun and loved, but put in storage 7 years ago (similar story to yours). We now want it reborn. DId anyone ever get back to you? Our car (and I assume yours) did not have any mechanical issues before hibernation, but I assume that many things have to be done/checked (beyond the obvious fluids, for exampe). I assume all hoses, seals, etc. Will have to be checked and probably many replaced

Any help will be very valuable

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3 years 11 months ago #829 by dmwierz45
Fellow Miata nuts. I used to be very active in Miata activity. Was President of the Bluegrass Miata club for a couple years in the late 90's, and own a low mileage 99 Miata - see photo.

Thing is, life took over, and about 9 years ago, my beloved Miata was put in storage and it hasn't emerged yet. I'd like to drag it out and start figuring out what would be required to either get it running again, or to let it go to another owner.

It's currently located in a storage facility in Plainfield, and my plan is to tow it (it hasn't been licensed since 2007, IIRC) to our garage in the Oak Park area, then start this process.

My question is: who might be available who can help me triage my once dear friend?

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