What projects would you like to learn to do?

5 years 7 months ago #366 by Chiburbian
In the off-season I am contemplating the projects that I will be doing to increase my enjoyment in the following year. I was wondering to hear of what projects you might have put off because you don't feel comfortable starting them yourself?

The projects I will be trying to do this winter for example:
- Clean and lube window tracks so that my windows go up and down nice and smooth.
- Install some sound deadening and heat insulation in some parts of my car (under carpet).

Another one that I'd like to be a part of but won't be doing this year:
- Replace soft top with new, including rain rails etc.

What projects would you like to participate in, either on your own car or on a members car? I am looking for projects where multiple members can get together over a beer/pop and do a couple cars one after another using our cumulative experience and extra hands to speed the process.

Looking forward to hear what we come up with. If we decide on a couple maybe we can find a heated location where we can work comfortably.

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