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I bought an 06 NC this past June that I absolutely love. I've always wanted a Miata and finally have one! I'm wondering if you know of any good Miata mechanics in the suburbs? I don't have any problems with the car but just in case I do have issues in the future or if there's anything I feel I don't have the time or tools for so that I can take it to a trusted place.

Also, this is the first time I own a fun car again since moving to the midwest so I put it in the garage for now because of all the salt and the stories of how easily Miatas rust. Is it truly that bad? Is that what you all do? It hurts to see my car in the garage when I want to drive it all the time. I've driven top down even when it's in mid-30s outside. I saw that there is a meetup next week, do you all store the cars away and drive up in your winter daily drivers or take your Miatas out for the meetups? Can non-members show up and meet with the group for the first time? Would be nice to meet with other Miata owners. I presume any driving rallies and events are on hold for the spring too? :)

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