Ultrashield 16" Road Race Seat FS

5 years 4 months ago #334 by Chris
So I bought this years ago back when Ultrashield was still selling the very nice 1 piece seat covers (instead of a crappy 4 piece minimal coverage covers they sell now)

I'm reluctantly selling this now so price is VERY FIRM at $500 cash pick up (not negotiable)

NOTE that you can no longer buy this nice 1 piece cover if you bought this same seat brand new today (and you would pay more as well of course)

This seat was briefly used as a passenger seat many years ago (sat in maybe 3x total?) and has been 'in storage' ever since.

This seat specs:

16" Road Race 20 degree layback, black with red stripe seat cover
Dual 5 point or 6 point allowance (see photos)

and photos of course:

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