Tool Kit


 I’ve noticed as our Miata’s age, there is a tendency for little things to break or loosen, usually at the worse time. The idea of keeping a tool kit in the trunk for these emergencies seems like a good idea.

Now granted, our Miata’s never break, they are one of the best built cars I have had the pleasure of owning. BUT, I do work on mine from time to time, and sometimes that last bolt you installed wasn’t really tight enough.

The criteria I set are as follows:

1) It must be reasonably priced, i.e., cheap
2) It must have both SAE and metric sockets
3) It must have a soft case (to stop rattling)
4) It must be small

I originally looked at a few tool kits for motorcycles, since they are small and compact, but the good ones were very pricey ($100+) and did not really have the right tool combination.

Eventually, after much searching in local stores and online, I found:

Of all the places to find it, The tool kit is the Wilmar W1197 - 38 piece compact tool kit with zippered case. See the attached pictures.

It had what I was looking for but I made a few changes. First, I dumped the tire pressure gauge, as I already have one I use for autocross, and secondly I dumped the flashlight. I figured by the time I need the flashlight, the battery will be dead. Also, it’s too small to give any good lighting. I’m looking for one of the flashlights that do not use batteries; you just squeeze it for a minute to give a few minutes of light. These are usually listed under emergency flashlights.

I added a hex key set that fits perfectly where the flashlight was. I also added a ¼” socket wrench from Wal-Mart ($2.50) to use with the socket set. Granted, I will not have a lot of torque, but it should do in a pinch.

I found out that this tool kit along with the Spare Air I carry fit rather nicely where my spare tire was (see picture). In a previous article, I mentioned carrying a jump start battery kit. I’m removing this and replacing it with a set of small jumper cables. The jump starter rattles around in the trunk, and takes up more space then I think its worth.

John Semenek

tool kit 1

tool kit 2

tool kit 3