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Joining the Windy City Miata Club

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Congratulations on owning one great sports car! Now you should think about joining the Windy City Miata Club. We strive to be the world's friendliest car club. From our single to multi-day touring and social events to parking lot autocrosses, rallies, picnics, tech-days and our end of the year banquet in January, there is something for everyone. Be sure not to miss out on any of the fun.

Other benefits of joining are discounts from a local dealer on parts and labor, the occasional guest speaker at our monthly meetings who help on the more technical aspects of owning the car such as oil, tires, stereo systems, driving and maintenance tips, club merchandise and the camaraderie.

To further enhance your driving pleasure, join the Windy City Miata Club for a modest annual fee of $30.00 for a single membership and $50 for a dual membership. You will be repaid many times over in discounts on parts and accessories – and, best of all, the memories and friendships that will last from one sunny season to the next.


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How to Join Windy City

You may come to a monthly meeting and sign up in person.

You can also join by mail. We have membership applications that you can either download or have mailed to you. Our dues schedule is on the application form.

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