Did you ever wonder how to accumulate points in the WCMC?  

Wouldn't you like to know what's the big deal with points?

Are points worth anything at the end of the year?  YES!!

So... whenever you participate in any of our sponsored WCMC events, you get at least 1 point (even if you come to a monthly meeting and sign the attendance sheet)!  If you participate in a driving event, you get 2 points.

The more events you attend, the more points you can accumulate.  If you host or organize an event you get even more points.

One of the roles of the vice president's is to track these participation points and host's points each month.


Each year the winners of the Participation and Organizer Awards are announced at our annual banquet.

The Participation Awards are given to the top 10 members who have accumulated the most points by attending club sponsored events.

The Organizer Awards are given to the top 10 members or couples that have organized event(s).

Each winner is given a $25 Visa gift card. It’s our club’s way of saying “Thanks” for coming to our events and/or “Thanks” for taking the time to organize  an event for the rest of us to enjoy.

How Points are Earned

1 point:

· Organizing a social event (breakfast, burger night, etc.) If a couple is hosting the event, both receive a point.

· Attending a non-driving event (General Membership meeting, breakfast, burger nite, etc.)

· Submitting a newsletter article that is not related to your office and is not related to a tour you are hosting.

2 points:

· Organizing a driving event (exception: no organizer points for autocross). Points are by host. If a couple is hosting the tour, they each receive points.

· Attending a driving event. For example, autocross, overnight tours, drives
after breakfast, one tank tours. Multi-day tours count for 2 points per day, up to 5 days.