Privacy Codes and Sub-Channels

Privacy Codes & Sub-channels

 By Kenton Andersen

When evaluating FRS and/or GMRS radios, you will see options for names like “Privacy Codes”, “Squelch Codes”, “Tone Codes”, “Interference Eliminator Codes”, “Sub-channels”, “CTCSS”, or “DCS”. These are all names for the same feature – silencing your speaker until someone transmits with the code you are receiving.

These codes are useful in fixed locations when independent groups are sharing the same FRS-GMRS channel. For example, WCMC autocrosses always use channel 7 with the 1st CTCSS code, often called sub-channel 7.1.

During tours, we have found that these codes are not needed, because tours move away from other radio users pretty quickly.

So, if buying a radio for autocross, be sure it offers CTCSS code 1, also known as 67.0Hz. If you want to take the same radio on a tour, be sure you know how to turn CTCSS OFF and DCS OFF (some radios call this code “0”).

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