Midland MXTA26 3DB Ghost Antenna

Midland – MXTA23 3DB Gain Ghost Antenna

Reviewed by

Jim Swaine, 10/23/2023






For those interested in a higher gain antenna that is more discreet than a large whip, this antenna may interest you. Already toned to GMRS frequencies. Note This antenna requires a NMO Connector Mount not included.


  • Low Profile – Midland’s low-profile antenna is only 3.5 inches tall and has a 1.5-inch base diameter.
  • Signal Strength – Midland’s antenna provides a 3dB gain, which improves the radio's range and signal strength. Antenna features 462 MHz frequency.
  • Compatibility – The 3DB antenna is compatible with MXT105, MXT115, MXT275, MXT400, MXT500, and MXT575.
  • What’s In the Box – Midland 32” 6dB gain-whip antenna. Antenna mount is not included.


This Antenna will be tested on a MXTA12 magnet mount. (sold separately) At this time it is untested.

I do not expect this antenna to have the range of the 6DB Gain whip antenna, but it may prove to work better that the 2.1 DB gain antenna that comes with many of the radios. As noted earlier the antenna is much less noticeable than a large whip if that interests you. I will do top up and top down testing to evaluate the effect of the top on reception.

Due to price, it should be considered for Mobile radios but probably not for handheld units. If you are looking for its unique features, it will work with handhelds that have detachable antennas and the proper adapters. There are less expensive external antennas that are better suited to handheld units.


Well-built antenna to extend the range of your radio. Great addition for leading or sweeping for a larger group and probably a mid-pack car as will.


Antenna and mount combinations are more expensive.

Unless you are looking for the small size of this antenna for about $20.00 more the MXTA26 is a better choice.

Typical NMO Connector mount will cost you an additional $30.00


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