Midland - MXTA26 6DB Gain Whip Antenna

Midland – MXTA26 6DB Gain Whip Antenna

Reviewed by

Jim Swaine, 10/23/2023




For those interested in a higher gain antenna for longer distances reception this MXTA26 antenna is one of the best. Already toned to GMRS frequencies. Note This antenna requires a NMO Connector Mount not included.


  • Signal Output – This 32-inch whip antenna from Midland quadruples signal output. When maximum range is your goal, the Midland MXTA26 6DB gain-whip antenna is the perfect choice.
  • Spring Base – Great for Miata off-roaders, farmers, hunters and more; this long-range antenna is designed with a spring at the base and a coil at the center that allows for extra flexibility to help prevent damage from light, incidental contact when you’re traveling off the beaten path.
  • Measurements – Antenna measures 32 inches: overall height with a 1.5” base diameter and offers 120 watts of maximum power with 5/8 wave antenna.
  • What’s In the Box – Midland 32” 6dB gain-whip antenna. Antenna mount is not included.


This Antenna was tested on a MXTA12 magnet mount. (sold separately) It works very well to extend the range of radio it is attached to. The testing was completed using a handheld GMRS radio with standard antenna. The range was extended to better than 1 1/2 miles in hilly heavily forested terrain. I expect this could be extended further with another mobile radio and higher gain antenna. More testing is needed to understand its full potential.

Due to price, it should be considered for Mobile radios but probably not for handheld units. There are less expensive external antennas that are much better suited to handheld units.


Well-built antenna to extend the range of your radio. Great addition for leading or sweeping for a larger group and probably a mid-pack car as well.


Antenna and mount combinations are more expensive. Typical NMO Connector mount will cost you an additional $30.00


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