Nagoya UT-72G Magnetic Mount Antenna

Nagoya UT-72G Magnetic Mount Antenna

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$34.89 each

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Kenton Andersen


A popular car-mounted antenna which claims “over 3.5 dBi of gain”, for cars with horizontal steel body parts.


3.25” diameter base with heavy duty rare earth magnet

19” mast, can be removed from base for compact storage

13' of Heavy Duty RG-58 cable ending in PL-239 plug with adapters for SMA male and female


In a test in St Charles, range was up to 1.5 miles (when talking to another GMRS with antenna). This was with one car moving and 1 stopped. On a suburban tour, range between moving cars was reliably good up to 1 mile. 


Compact, affordable. NA and NB Miata owners can snake the cable from the seats to the trunk, then mount the base to the trunk lid only when needed. (Newer cars have tighter panel gaps.)


Mine arrived without the tiny SMA male-male adapter. I didn’t have time to complain to amazon, so I bought one at an electronics store.

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