Baofeng GM-15PRO

Baofeng GM-15 Pro Handheld GMRS Radio

Price (when reviewed)
$28.99 each

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Reviewed by
Kenton Andersen


One of many of Baofeng’s handhelds, it transmits and receives all 22 FRS-GMRS channels, and receives several other radio frequencies.


Rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

Two clip-on antennas: short for convenience, long for more range.

Includes charger, cable, earpiece, belt clip, lanyard.

Choice of 5 colors.

Owner’s manual claims 5 watts transmit power on channels 1-7 and 15-22,
0.5 watts on 8-14. (see cons, below)



On one test, using a Nagoya UT-72G external antenna, the range between moving cars was reliably good up to 1 mile. Another test, using the short antenna with the soft top up, was also reliable up to 1 mile.

On a later test, transmit power was measured at 4.7 watts on channel 5.


Transmit button is easy to press, even with an arthritic thumb. Clear speaker output.

Detachable antennas make it appropriate for autocross and touring.


The ability to receive several other radio frequencies makes it complicated to select an FRS-GMRS channel and avoid switching to something else. The keypad controls 40 different menu options! Be sure to bring the owners manual with you.

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