Midland GXT1000VP4

Midland GXT1000VP4 Two Way

GMRS Radios

 Price (when reviewed)

  • $79.99 2 radio Kit
  • Also available 39.99 single radio with Charger 7 battery.
  • Available from
  • https://www.amazon.com/ and other locations like Dick’s and Cabela’s

Reviewed by

Jim Swaine, 10/23/2023



Handheld GMRS radio Kit includes 2 radios, headsets, batteries, and AC Charging stand. Single radio includes battery and plug in AC charger that is plugged directly into radio.


22 Channel covers all FRS and GMRS Channels

Comes with rechargeable batteries with good battery life plus can replace with 4 AA batteries as a backup.

Good range for a fixed antenna handheld radio.

Good sound quality easy to use.


This is an excellent radio for a small touring group and will keep you connected in a larger group as well but probably not with the entire group. Without the ability to upgrade the antenna you are limited to about ½ miles range between equally equipped car. Communicating with a mobile radio equipped car can double or even triple that range. I have used this radio for over a year and found it to work very well for smaller groups. 


small size easy to use. Batteries have good life and can be changed easily if ever needed with 4 AA batteries if you forget to charge the battery. Radio has an add on feature that allows an external mike to be attached to the radio. Midland has an external mike that also doubles as a speaker that can be attached to your clothes, so you never miss an instruction. (This is a great addition but is pricey)


Not setup to allow connection to external antenna for greater range. Radios or charger stations do not have good indication for when radio is full charge. a full charge from depleted battery takes 12 hours according to manual. Probably less than that from a normal day’s use.


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