Midland MXT275

Midland MXT275 Two Way

GMRS Radios

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Jim Swaine, 10/23/2023


The Full 15-Watt MicroMobile is a two-way radio device that operates on GMRS (General Mobile Radio Service) frequencies. 15 Hi Power Channels GMRS Channels: 1-7 & 15-22


15 GMRS Channels and 8 High-Powered Repeater Channels the Radio does not cover Channels 8 to 14 due to low limits of transmit power on these channels (Max 0.5 Watts)

Fully integrated handheld mic, with all radio controls and display controlled from mic which allows the actual radio to be hidden from view during use.

The radio comes with everything needed to operate included in the box. Note: This radio is sold in several configurations from basic radio to kits with Higher gain antennas for higher price.

Good sound quality easy to use. Speakers located in Radio and in handset.


This is an excellent radio for those that would rather have a mobile unit with a mic instead of Handheld Radio. I have tested this radio as it comes in the box, and it has much better range than any handheld radio we have tested. With the ability to increase it even more with higher gain antennas. This radio, when equipped with a 6DB gain antenna can connect with a GMRS handheld radio up to 1.5 miles away and possibly even further if handheld is equipped with external antenna. More powerful versions of this radio can be purchased up to a full 50 Watts but for our club use is not really needed. The first 7 channels are limited to 5 Watt max power and is where we will probably be operating.


With the radio controls located in the handset you can mount the radio in a location where it can’t be seen. There is also an extension for the mic cable (sold separately) that would allow it to be located as far away as the trunk of a Miata. There is a speaker in the radio and the handset. The radio also has an external speaker jack.

The ability to use larger antennas for increased range.

Great for use as lead or sweep radios.

The antenna that comes with this radio is only 6” high and comes with a small metal plate with sticky back that would work will on a FR car.


The unit is much more expensive than handheld units especially when adding higher gain antennas.


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