Midland AVPH10 Shoulder Speaker Mic

Midland AVPH10

Shoulder Speaker Mic

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Jim Swaine, 10/23/2023



The Midland AVPH10 is a shoulder speaker mic that attaches to Midland two way radios.


  • Push-to-Talk Button: The AVPH10 features a strategically placed push-to-talk button for effortless communication. Simply press the button to instantly transmit and receive messages, keeping you connected with your team or loved ones.
  • Dual Pin Connector: Equipped with a dual pin connector, the AVPH10 offers seamless compatibility with all Midland GMRS/FRS Handheld Radios. This allows for easy integration and ensures reliable communication.
  • 360° Rotatable Clip: The AVPH10 comes with a 360° rotatable clip, providing unmatched versatility. Attach the speaker microphone to your clothing, backpack, or gear and position it at any angle that suits your preference. Enjoy freedom of movement without compromising on communication efficiency.


We have used this with our Midland GTX1000 handheld radios. It allows the speaker to be closer to your ear and quick access to PPT button. It also allows the radio to be placed in cup holder or somewhere higher in the car that may give may give you better reception. And you don’t have to pick up the radio every time you want to talk.


Good sound quality and closer to your ear.

Easy access to PPT button to talk.


You have to remember to remove it from your clothing before you exit the car.

It is a little pricy, but we think is worth the cost. (you can find less expensive alternatives from other MFG.)


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