Midland MXTA12 Magnetic Mount for NMO Antennas

Midland MXTA12

Magnetic Mount Only for NMO type Antennas

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Jim Swaine, 10/23/2023



This mount is for those interested in a higher gain antenna for longer distances reception. This does not include the actual antenna which are sold separately.


3.50” diameter base with heavy-duty rare-earth magnet

An industry standard NMO Connector used on most high gain antennas.

20' of Heavy Duty RG-58 cable ending in PL-239 plug


This magnet antenna mount works very well with higher gain antennas. Strong magnet, hold to ferrous metal surfaces of the car and is hard to remove without antenna attached.


Very strong magnet. For ND Softtops 3.5” base fits on metal plate fits between Trunk Lid and Top allowing the trunk to be opened without moving the antenna. This mount allows different antenna to be used when a smaller antenna is desired. Note: if you are not interested in a magnetic mount but would like the feathers of the NMO Connectors fixed mounts are available which should work on existing NA and NB mounting plates.


Antenna and mount combinations are more expensive.


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