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I have a 2003 too, and have owned several NAs, which use the same battery.

I've had good luck with the Deka-East Penn AGM Miata battery. They are also sold as WestCo. I bought my most recent one from . Try a Google search for "deka 8am-u1r" and you might find it for less. (watch for differences in shipping costs and warranty lengths)

AGM batteries have lasted several years for me. Tips: Never quick charge - 2amps max; and keep it fully charged, especially over winter. I installed the Schumacher SC1300 charger/maintainer ( right alongside my battery, and plug it in whenever the car is parked for more than a few days.

-- Kenton

PS Take your old battery to O'Reilly for $10 store credit. 
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I need a battery for my 03 Shinsen. Was shocked at the $ quoted by local autoparts for a new one. I had an AGM battery that only lasted a couple of years - very p-o'ed about that. It's been checked correctly and it's junk and won't charge. Any suggestions are welcome. Any reconditioned or used batteries for sale?

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