90-05 Miata Tonneau Cover , Boot Cover and Windblocker

3 years 4 months ago #872 by mgseth529
Everything fits 90-97 and everything is always negotiable.

Tonneau Cover $225 Never used, comes in pouch, looks to be Robbins, 9502713 is only number I could find,
not sure if there is supposed to be extra hardware.
- incorporates headrest pockets for increased convenience in use.
- both sides can be opened for both passenger and driver. ( leave passenger side down if you don't want to give people rides at autocross)

Boot Cover $75- Great condition outside, inside is dirty from use, not sure of mfg., looks to be of good quality
-Protects your top from harmful UV Rays when it's down.
-Leaving your top uncovered when its down is the #1 reason for the fading and deterioration on the inner liner.

Windblocker $40
- Attaches to headrest
- Folds for easy storage

I also have a FREE front end mask [bra]. It has tears above the light cut outs.


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